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Eric and Charmaine Mabuza Scholarship Foundation

Since 1999 Adv. and Mrs. Mabuza have been sponsoring scholars from the Mpumalanga region to further their studies and a decade later officially launched the Eric and Charmaine Mabuza Scholarship Foundation that funds students to pursue their academic dreams.
The scholarship foundation targets young people from township-based or remote rural areas who have demonstrated academic excellence and are determined to continue with their studies at tertiary institutions. The purpose of this initiative is to provide a source of hope for the youth from these areas.
Adv. Mabuza firmly believes that the key to breaking the cycle of poverty is through education and is therefore committed to fostering the culture of education amongst young people who are less fortunate.

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It is expected that after graduation the students join the Eric & Charmaine Mabuza Scholarship Foundation Alumni and provide the same opportunity to another student. Metaphorically speaking the Scholarship Foundation resonates with a “Plough-Back Initiative”.


To instil hope through education and to provide sustainable livelihoods for generations to come.

Sowing the Seed

  • Recruiting learners who understand their social and economic circumstances and display the tenacity through a proven track record of excellent academic results for their entire school career.
  • Providing the selected candidates with financial support that covers tuition, accommodation, meals and textbooks to attain selected degrees/diplomas.

Nurturing the Seed

  • Ongoing Academic Support and informative job market preparatory sessions
  • Academic Support includes:
    • Fostering relationships with students and their families
    • Goal setting, academic planning and stress management
    • Providing study methods for various academic disciplines
    • Tracking academic performance
    • Stakeholder communication
    • Liaising with faculties officers from various tertiary institutions

Harvesting the Seed

  • Selected candidates are contracted to motivate and instil a learning culture at their previous secondary schools.
  • During holidays they have to tutor and mentor a student from their previous high school (a big brother initiative).
  • Once students graduate, they are expected to join the Eric & Charmaine Mabuza Alumni and provide a similar opportunity to other learners.

Scholarship Requirements

Grade 12 learners with excellent academic records who wish to pursue a preferred degree at a recognised University should apply. Candidates are advised to pursue a degree that considers their strengths as well as their interest and meet the demands of the job market.

Preferred degrees:

  • Bachelor of Accounting Sciences (B.Acc)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm)
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng)
  • Medicine Science (MBCHB)
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Information System (IS)

Please request Eric and Charmaine Mabuza Scholarship Foundation Application Forms via email or contact Zainab Seria for more information:

Zainab Seria
Tel: +27 (0) 11 346 6000 OR [email protected]
Zamani Head Office:
99 Jacaranda Street West Acres

Eric & Charmaine Mabuza Scholarship Foundation
c/o Zainab Seria
PO Box 6043