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KwaMashu man wins PowerBall Jackpot

KwaMashu man wins PowerBall Jackpot

A KwaMashu man has joined the ever growing list of millionaires that Ithuba has created after winning the PowerBall jackpot of R8 446 068.90. The winning ticket was bought at Hines Cash and Carry, Durban for the draw that took place on 09 December 2016.
The KwaZulu-Natal-born man – an avid player of lottery games – said he has been playing the same numbers for over 16 years and his perseverance has finally paid off.

On the day he bought the winning ticket for R45.00 and as per norm, he stuck to his numbers that he has been playing all these past years. “I don’t know how to describe it to you, but I honestly had a belief that someday my numbers would win. That is why I never stopped playing the same numbers all these years,” expressed the winner when asked why he never changed numbers.

The player revealed that he had the longest night of his life after realising that he was the jackpot winner. “I was watching the live draw show when my five numbers plus the PowerBall came through. It felt surreal. I had to check the ticket three times to make sure I really won”.
“It then hit me that indeed I was a millionaire. Afterwards, I immediately fetched a pen to write my name on the back of my ticket and had a silent prayer to thank my God and ancestors,” the visibly jubilant winner expressed.

The jackpot winner says he wants to settle all his debts with his winnings and also give a financial boost to his family so they can self-sustain. “I’ve already made contact with my home loan provider and I want to settle my bond, then look to extending my house.
“But also just as important for me is to ensure that my new wealth is not only enjoyed by me but my family too. I want to give a financial business loan to my family members so they can sustain themselves and not look for handouts, that way the wealth of our family will grow beyond this,” said the winner.

Ithuba also provided the winner with a financial adviser to ensure that the winner has all the knowledge, resources and advice on how to cope with his new wealth.
The winner jokingly says after all these years it is now time to change the numbers he normally plays on lottery games as the previous ones have served their purpose.