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The South African National Lottery is happy to announce that two of the biggest PowerBall and LOTTO jackpots won from KwaZulu-Natal have been claimed by two ecstatic men from the region. The two winners from Durban won R58.7 million and R34.4 million respectively.

The man who bought his ticket from Ladysmith while travelling to Durban could not contain his excitement when he realised that he was the winner of the life-changing R58.7 million PowerBall PLUS jackpot. The winner in his 50s bought his ticket for only R30 and randomly selected his numbers. He told Ithuba that he plans on investing most of his winnings to prepare for his retirement and will continue working. ‘I have always wanted to have my own farm and spend my retirement years taking care the land and flock’, said the winner.

The second multi-millionaire winner from Umlazi, a man his 30s, said he was beyond happy about his winnings especially since he is unemployed. The winner bought his ticket at a Spar in Umlazi where he spent R60 and won the R34.4 million LOTTO jackpot. The LOTTO winner said he plans on investing in property and will invest the rest of his winnings. He also has intentions of helping his family improve their lives and will buy a house for his parents. The winner also plans to travel and will also start a business to ensure that he never has to suffer again from poverty.

Both winners received financial advice, trauma and emotional counselling. The service offered by Ithuba to its winner is to ensure that winners are able to deal with their newly found financial statuses. The service also includes advice on property and business.
To those who have not yet won anything from the lottery, these two winners advise players not stop trying and to also play if they are able to afford and play responsibly.